Kids Core Strength and Stretches

This morning on 107.7 Pulse FM ( Dave Sheldon and I talked about how to get kids moving, and enjoying exercise.

Back in June my daughter and I put together a video for parents of a few things they can do with their kids to start working on their core strength, and stretching.  To see what we did CLICK HERE

Finding Your Core Strength (FYCS) means so much more to me than just our mid-section, and summarizes what I'm most passionate about in fitness. I've built my business philosophy on four key wellness pillars - health, core, strength and life.

Our overall health and well-being sets the tone to our longevity and quality of life.  Developing realistic and sustainable daily movement and exercise, and mindful nutrition choices will allow us to move through life with a greater sense of enjoyment and ease.

The foundation to movement is our core health.  And, through my experience and education, I've created core exercises as the foundation for my fitness training programs.  Our core can cause us great mobility, or great pain.  My goal is to educate individuals on the value of good core health, and building a mind-body connection to our internal system of muscles.

Strength was the game changer for me when reaching, exceeding and maintaining the body I have today.  Strong muscles protect us from injury, excel fat loss, reduce the chances of osteoperosis, and allows us to enjoy activities we love.  I want others to experience the same benefits a strong body has brought me in life!

Life.  Establishing good health, core function and strength leads to a comfortable, enjoyable life.  However, there is a part of life many of us are missing.  While I don't talk much about this yet, I truly believe we need to take care of our mind as well as our body.  Through meditation, I've discovered ways to reduce stress and anxiety in my life, and achieve success in a way I never thought possible.

I use these four wellness pillars in my own life, and want to share them with you!

Helping others achieve the same success I've had with establishing a healthy, sustainable lifestyle is truly a passion for me.  Stay connected with me, as I continue to share how you, too, can move through life feeling amazing inside and out by 'finding your core strength'.

Thanks for stopping by, and let's keep in touch! 

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