Bellies Inc. Core Confidence Specialist Certification

Become an authority in your field when it comes to pelvic floor and core health for women!

This program is designed for fitness and movement professionals to learn fundamental information about assessing and prescribing movement to pregnant women, new moms and women with core dysfunction issues such as diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction.  Get training and support under the guidance of Bellies Inc. Master Trainers (such as myself) and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapists.

As a Bellies Inc. Master Trainer and Affiliate, I have a special offer for you!  With close to 3 years experience as a Bellies Inc. Trainer and now Master Trainer, I've worked with many women and tested out the best methods to integrate my new pelvic floor and core knowledge.  Take advantage of what I've learned, as well as my experience in marketing and business as an entrepreneur!

Register through my links below, and when you successfully complete the Bellies Inc. Core Confidence Specialist Certification, receive a 1-hour online Skype meeting with me to discuss:

  • any questions you may have thought of after the course
  • how to integrate the Bellies Inc. program and techniques into your current program or business
  • details about Bellies Inc. VIP program and what it has to offer in the way of on-going support and resources
  • marketing strategies to build awareness of your expertise in the field of pelvic floor and core health

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to register through my links below in order to receive this BONUS offer that other movement specialists having already taken advantage of!

The certification is a two step process:

STEP 1: Online Theory

This course is open to anyone looking to gain further knowledge about the pelvic floor and abdomen in relation to pregnancy and birth.  It is a mandatory pre-requisite for the 2-day practical course. The online theory contains valuable information laying a foundation of knowledge with respect to pelvic floor and core health, and gives you a solid understanding of the anatomy of the core, function and dysfunction.  There is 3.5 hours of video and approximately an hour of reading material for you.

NOTE: You can register for the 2-Day Practical Course ahead of completion of the Online Theory, however, successful completion of the course and exam MUST be accomplished 1-WEEK BEFORE the start date of the practical course.

STEP 2: Two-Day Practical Course

Bellies Inc.'s combined experience of over 15 years, along with the latest research, ensures they bring you the most up to date and relevant information that you can apply directly to your client population.

In the 2-day practical course, learn hands on assessment techniques, alignment principles, core-training exercises and more!

Upon completion of the online theory course, and the in-person 2-day practical assessment and training modules, you will learn;

  • how to identify common core dysfunctions such as diastasis recti and pelvic floor challenges in your clients
  • how to best prescribe preventive and restorative exercise that will help your clients prepare for birth, recover and restore their core function and core confidence
  • tips on how to motivate and inspire your clients who don’t see the value in retraining their core and just want to ‘lose the baby weight’
  • business strategies that will help you elevate your business and truly position you as an authority on all things diastasis and pelvic floor related
  • strategies to align with and collaborate with women’s health professionals in your area

Registration is separate for the Online Theory Course and 2-Day Practical Course.  For the 2-Day Practical Course, click the link below.

Updating 2-day course training dates (additional dates for Vancouver will be added for later this year):

  • Vancouver, April 8th and 9th
  • Toronto, June 10th and 11th
  • Toronto, November 18th and 19th

REMEMBER: To access my BONUS offer of a 1-hour Skype meeting with me, please ensure you register through my links above.