DAY 2 - A Day of Exercise and Nutrition

You can schedule your workouts and planning your meals, but it does not always work the way you want.  Here is a glimpse at how I adapt my exercise, and work through my meals and overall goals.

Exercise: 60 minute cardio complete!
Tuesdays are my run day, but with the torrential rain outside I opted for the Dirty 30 and Cardio Fix DVD workouts.  I decided to use my elliptical for warm up and since my focus was cardio, I adjusted some moves in both videos to keep my heart rate close to my running pace. In the end it was a 60 minute workout. If you are just starting out, one of the 30 minute workouts is plenty. 

Eating: I will not lie, day 1 was hard. I've committed to no alcohol for 30 days. It never fails, when you deny yourself something you want it more. So this will be my mental challenge. I'm also working my way through the eating program. I can tell right away, working on getting a balance of nutrition in the day will be my challenge!

Overall Goals: My goal over the next 30 days is to get back to my pre-summer shape, prep for the 13k leg of the Whistler 50 running race in October, and improve my nutritional balance. Most important, these adjustments need to become a natural part of my life. So although I'm being strict in some areas, I will ease up when I've reached my goals and head into the maintenance phase ... until my next fitness challenge ;-)