Day 28 - The Importance of Movement

"Human Dystopia - a community or society that is undesirable or frightening."

As I sit here and review my fitness textbook, I read once again the 'recommended' amount of exercise per week one should accumulate.  The average is 30 minutes a day of at least moderate intensity.

Then it discusses training frequency for clients.  When I work with beginners, they are not able to exercise more than 2 days per week at the start.  They physically cannot handle more. This would include two focused workouts, like resistance training for 45 to 60 minutes (includes warm up and stretching).

The value of a 30-minute walk a day is immeasurable.  My 96 year-old Grandma has been walking 45 minutes almost every day.  It has allowed her to live a long life, and in a relatively physically comfortable state.  She is still free to move about her day and enjoy life.

Sadly, technology and foods are leading us towards a 'dystopia'.  One day I was watching a movie with my kids called Wall-E.  What I remember most was the progression of humans to a point where their bones could no longer support their large bodies.  Everyone sat in moving chairs, ate processed foods, and spend hours on their technical devices.  Frightening, but possible!

Getting regular exercise and monitoring calorie intake is more important than in the recent past.  As discussed in The Globe and Mail article 'Why losing weight today is harder that 30 years ago', the same calories in and out today do not lead to the same results as was achieved in the past.  This has a lot to do with our increase sedentary lifestyle, technology, stress, chemicals in our food, medications, and more.

The human body was meant to move!  It can withstand hours of aerobic endurance.  If you are not getting regular exercise, it is time to make a commitment to yourself.  Start by taking the time to go for daily walks.  Your work or busy schedule will not last a lifetime, but your body needs to. It's time to get those 30 minutes of movement a day.