DAY 17 - I Dislike Excuses

No excuses image.jpg

I know our lives can get very busy at times.  Depending what line of work you are in, there will be busy times.  Or, like me, the school year is in full swing along with kids activities.  Take 3 kids and multiply that by 2 activities each = BUSY!

I can think of a million reasons to not take time to keep my body healthy.  In my world, I am busy with a capital B.  And let's face it, sometimes siting down on the couch seems much more appealing than going out for a run. 

That's where I was at yesterday around dinner time. I got up for a 6am run, then talked myself out of it because what if there was a bear on the sidewalk. Pretty good excuse hey? ;-)  Then my day was booked up with clients.  I had dinner to prepare, homework to oversee, and get one kid ready for soccer practice. 

By the time 6pm rolled around, I was ready to pack it in.  But I know myself, and I know how crummy I would have felt if I didn't get my body moving.  As motivation, I grabbed two of my kids and their bikes, and the 3 of us headed out for an 8k run-ride journey!

Of course I felt pretty darn happy with myself after that!  And my kids benefitted as well. 

I have lived through the roller coaster of excuses.  I found many reasons I just could not fit in some exercises. Once I got use to the feeling of one excuse, the next one didn't feel so bad. Pretty soon I was numb to caring that I made an excuse.

That has changed for me now. If I catch myself finding a reason to not give my body the movement it needs, I bring that excuse and feeling to my conscious awareness. I do not let myself become immune to the excuses.  Sometimes I have to drag my butt out there, but at the end of the workout I am never sorry I did it.