DAY 20 - The Value of a Routine

Routine Image.jpg

Almost every weekend, you will find me running my favourite trail.  Usually I have a friend with me, and for the past several weeks we have been pretty consistent thanks to decent weather. 

Creating a consistent exercise routine for the week helps make your workout become a habit.  It's like the philosophy in 'Breaking the Habit…', when something is done over and over, it becomes a habit.

Now not everyone's weeks are exactly the same. Maybe you have shift work. One of my clients looked at her schedule and we concluded it was a 9 day cycle between her days on and off work. So we designed a routine that fit her lifestyle. 

Not every week will be perfect, and there will be interruptions.  However, in general, if you look back on your weeks I bet on average the cycle stayed the same. 

This week take some time to design a fitness routine that can be repeated, give it 3 to 4 weeks to sink in, and watch it become less of an effort and more of a habit.