DAY 23 - Spot Training is a Myth!

hen I first meet with clients I ask them what their goals are, what they would like to see change.  Immediately they start pointing to body parts. Generally it's the belly or the thighs. They want weight of here, and tighten up there.   Heck, I did the very same thing!

Spot training does not exist. Sure you can do loads of core exercises and thigh presses, and yes you will build strength. However, where and when your body decides to shed fat is completely out of your hands. It comes down to diet, exercise and letting nature take its course. 

When I first started working with my trainer, I pointed to my legs and asked why are we not doing more thigh specific exercises. I was thinking the adductor and abductor machines would definitely do the trick. I also had it in my head I would always be a boot-cut jean girl, because I held on to weight in my thighs. 

She told me to keep working on the squad, lunges, deadlifts, etc.; and she was 100% certain I would be out of boot-cut in no time.   

Boy did I hate leg work in the beginning. It killed me!  But I kept at it.  I pushed through it, when it got easy she switched it up and made it hard again.

Spot Training image.jpg

One day I went into my favourite clothing boutique store. I knew the owner well and she new my style. While I was in the change room she grabbed a pair of skinny jeans, size 27. I laughed my head off and told her there is no way I was going to try those on. With her nagging me to do it, I finally gave in.  And wouldn't you know it, those jeans fit beautifully!!!

To this day I am thankful to my trainer, Cammy, who taught me spot training does not exist but perseverance does!

I still wear my first pair of 'skinny' style jeans from 5 years ago, and love them!  Thanks Karen W. 󾍇