DAY 4 - Beware of the Restaurant Salad

That restaurant salad has how many calories??

On Monday I went out for lunch.  Since it was Day 1 of my eating clean up and no drinking for 30 days, I had to bring my menu choices to my conscious awareness. 

Opting for tea over that yummy summer drink was definitely a challenge.  However, going for a big salad was very appealing.  I opted for the Milestone's Chop Salad.  It included romaine lettuce, chickpeas, corn, red peppers, red onion, avocado, chicken, feta and an oil (not cream) based dressing. I even said 'no' to the tortilla chip garnish. 

Since the 21 Day Fix containers are new for me, I wasn't quite sure how to measure this.  Eating out is definitely a challenge for meal tracking no matter what nutritional program you are following.  I have been keeping track of calories in addition to containers, so I looked up the salad on the restaurants website. To my absolute shock it was 790 calories and 54g of fat!! That is more than half my daily allowable calories if I was in a weight loss phase!

As a quick container calculation I believe it was 1 Red protein for the chicken, definitely 1-1.5 Green for the lettuce and red pepper, at least 1 to 2 yellow for the Chickpeas, and corn, about 2 Blue for the avocado and feta, and there was a lot of dressing, at least 2 containers! Based on my allowable containers, that is definitely half and over in the healthy fats.

So what lesson will I take away from this?  I don't want to give up eating out, and let's face it, there are far worse things I could have ordered. So in the future, I'm going to ask for the dressing on the side!