DAY 9 - My Mess is My Message

Mess is my Message Image.jpg

The other day I was at an event where we had a general discussion on anything health related.  A topic came up about what it takes to chose the apple over the donut.  Through my involvement in the discussion, I mentioned for me it was the hard work I started putting into my exercise that made it easier to start to chose the apple. That lead to being asked if I was a fitness trainer, which I answer yes. From there the discussion lead to me feeling my answer was not really meaningful, and was told, “you are a trainer, so it is your job to stay healthy because your body is your advertisement.” ... until I told them my story.

What you do not know about me is I did not become a trainer to get into shape.  I spent 6 years either pregnant, nursing or raising toddlers during which I was overweight and unhappy.  I was struggling with postpartum depression, guilt if I took time for myself, and the inability to stay motivated with exercise.

It was not until just before getting pregnant with my third child I started getting more consistent with my exercise and managing my eating.  Following the birth of my third child, I had no maternity leave as I was self-employed working from home.  I had a nanny, but a newborn, a preschooler and a child in half-day kindergarten still takes up a lot of time!

I started to dedicate 1-hour of exercise a day.  I fit it in whenever I could.  Before work, at lunch, in the evening.  It consisted of 3 strength training workouts, 3 cardio sessions of a step class, spin or running, and 1 rest day. I had a personal trainer help me every 2 weeks, and I loosely followed the Weight Watchers program (I was an expert from years of past experience with the program).

Within 6 months, I was below my wedding weight.  Then I stumbled across Zumba, and decided I wanted to teach it.  This was not a spontaneous decision.  Before kids I was active, and had been participating in group fitness classes since my early 20s.  I was contemplating becoming a step instructor when Zumba came along.

That was in September 2010.  The start of what now is my ‘new normal’ way of life, where active living is a part of my every day just like laundry and grocery shopping.

I did not get to this place because I was a trainer.  I got here with determination, and juggling a very busy schedule just like everyone else.  I persevered through set backs, and many struggles that came along the journey.  I was unhappy, out of shape, and blue; but I did something about the mess.  Now I am fortunate enough to be able to do what I love and share my message with my clients to help them through their journey to a new normal active life.

SIDE NOTE: It was VERY hard to find a picture of me during those 6 years ...