DAY 29 - "Doing _______ in My Active Wear"

As I stroll around town in my "active wear" I can't help but chuckle at the recent video circulating showing women doing pretty much all their daily activities in their fitness clothing. 

As a fitness coach, my work attire is tight fitting leggings and tanks. Between clients, I may grab a coffee or whip into the grocery store in my athletic wear. 

Vancouver has also been deemed the capital of yoga wear, and even mocked for its casual attire. 

I have a different take on this. Wearing our fitness clothing in Vancouver is not a sign of poor clothing choice, but rather a sign the majority care about keeping active. While most don't wear it to the office, they may change at the end of the day and head to a yoga or exercise class on their way home. 

So what is wrong with wearing our athletic clothing? I think nothing! When I am in Hawaii you don't see people dressed up all day long. No! They're in shorts, bathing suits, or wraps when they are not at work. Are they teased for it? Never, heard anyone say anything negative about it, in fact I think most of us would be happy to be there in our bathing suit. 

So wear your active wear with pride! Show everyone our culture is about healthy, active living!