DAY 30 - The End and The Beginning ...

I've hit 30 days from the time my summer holiday was over, school was back in, and I got back on track. 

I have shared with you some of the things I do to motivate myself, my thoughts on health and fitness, how I struggle sometimes but keep moving forward, my past struggles and more.

Through this month I used the guidelines of the Beachbody 21 Day Fix program to teach me more balanced nutrition, and reminding me of healthy portions. I used the workout DVDs, plus continued with my own regular workout routine.

Overall it was a successful month. My comfortable training weight is back where it should be, I've ramped up my running in preparation for a 13k race, and I'm ready for my next challenge! So here it is …

One thing I miss in my exercise is the proper amount of stretching to improve my flexibility. Recently I was in a yoga class, and was amazed at how strong the instructor was and yet her muscles were small and lean. I figured I should be able to do what she could seeing as I can lift heavy weights. Flexibility aside, which I completely lack, I could not hold some of the poses or even attempt them!

Yoga Blog Image.jpg

So I am testing the theory of yoga. Over the next 12 weeks my goal is to attend 3 or more classes a week. I will keep up my strength training and running, but plan on stretching more daily as well. I've taken photos of me in various yoga poses to see if there will be any difference, and measurements to see if my muscles will lean out.

I will give you updates on how it is going and the results will be in the beginning of January. Wish me luck!