Oh That Dreaded Mirror ... The Journey to A Life of Active Living

I enjoy working with people at the start of their journey to a life of active living.  As a fitness coach, and through my own experience, there are common things that keep them motivated and able to reach success.  A switch flipped.  They no longer want to feel unhealthy, they no longer say 'I'll start next month', they want to look in the mirror and feel good.  I was one of those people.  My switch flipped at the age of 35. 

As we progress together through their initial journey, it is slow and steady.  That truly is the only way to long term success.  They become patient.  Through discussions and actions they learn the process, and except it.  We work through their road blocks, they learn taking time for themselves is not only okay but important.  We retraining the brain to learn the norm is not a quick fix, but a life of health.

Then they start to crave the exercise.  They stress when they do not fit in their workouts.  They worry they will slip and go backwards.  With a little coaching, they realize anything is better than nothing.  When they move forward slowly and steady, they will win. 

The next phase is settling in to the new life.  A life of regular exercise, mindful eating.  They find enjoyment and balance with their exercise and eating.  It does not always have to be so strict.  They enjoy wine, they enjoy a treat or two; because they know working out is now a natural part of life and does not have to be forced.  And they really want to do it!

They achieve goals they never thought possible.  However, their mind has a hard time connecting with what they now see in the mirror.  At first they still see that unhealthy image.  They criticize little bits and pieces.  For some, the whole reason the switch flipped was because of the mirror and yet the same personal criticism still exists.  That, too, happened for me. 

We work through it together.  Positive thoughts and changing our mind-frame is important.  Overtime your mind will catch up to what your body has achieved.  You will see the results of your hard work, and you will have a natural love for exercise.

After 6 years in my new normal way of life, I crave several things. A cup of coffee in the morning, a nice glass or two (or bottle) of wine, and most of all my exercise. 

Recently a client of mine share her story of the journey she went through as we worked together over a 6 month period.  She candidly shares what I see in most people along their journey to a lifetime of success.  Read her story here.