Exercises for Kids in Sport

All three of my kids are very active!  They're involved in dance, soccer, lacrosse, hockey and Taekwondo.

One thing I've noticed is a trend for sports leagues and dance studios to set multiple practices and games each week, with a focus strictly on learning the skills of the sport.

The downfall - we're only training our kids how to do the sport and not how to use their body correctly in the sport.

The alarming thing, and something I feel all of us parents should be aware of; the common problem with excessive skill training, is our kids are getting injuries at a very young age.  Particularly issues with their joints, including hips, knees, and shoulders.

It is my passion to provide my kids, and their teams, with the information they need to condition them properly as prevention to early onset of injuries in childhood.

My daughter's soccer coach has been 100% on board with this, and now includes core strength, muscle awareness, and safe body weight exercises in practices.

So, my daughter and I wanted to share 4 exercises you can do with your own children.  Our first 2 videos are core focused, and the next 2 are release exercises (aka stretches).

This is a great way to have some quality time with your kids, and help strengthen your body too!

For all you Moms, I've got my FREE Top 5 Core Facts Sheet that includes the most valuable information about building a foundational awareness as a means to repair and build true core strength.  Plus 2 more videos about core breath and posture you can do with your kids. To get a copy of my facts sheet and videos, click here!

So grab a mat, throw on some tunes, and enjoy our video below!

Core Strength and Stretches for Your Kids: 5:28 minutes