Are you experiencing any of the following:

  • a mummy tummy that will not go away even with proper diet and exercise
  • leaving midway through a fitness class to use the washroom
  • urine leakage during high impact exercises, like jumping jacks, jump squats, running, etc
  • lower back pain
  • pressure in your pelvic floor
  • in more severe cases pelvic organ prolapse

This could indicate you have a mis-functioning core. You DO NOT have to live with this!

The CORE CONFIDENCE ASSESSMENT AND TRAINING PROGRAM assesses your core function, and designs safe and effective release and core exercises to rebuild you from the inside out.  The core activation techniques you will learn can be applied to all types exercise from squats and lunges, to spinning and running.

I have worked with Kim Vopni of Bellies Inc. since June 2013 learning how to properly apply these techniques to my own exercise programs. Through her guidance, I have been able to build a strong pelvic floor and improved my recovery time from abdominal surgery in the summer of 2013.  From my experience, and passion for helping other women improve their physical health, I completed the Bellies Inc. Instructor Training course so I could bring this knowledge and program to others.

The core restoration process, when done consistently and correctly, will help improve your core function.  Over the course of 8 weeks, with my guidance you will learn and practice proper "core breath", release any overworking muscles, and learn how to activate the "Core 4" muscles through a variety of exercises.  The Core 4 is a team of muscles designed to work synergistically in anticipation of our every move.  It consists of the diaphragm, pelvic floor muscles, multifidus muscles in the back, and the internal abdominal muscles called the transverse abdominus.

By taking the time to practice the core breathing, Core 4 activation techniques, and apply them to movement, you will be setting yourself up for improved pelvic floor strength, proper core activation during exercise, and reduce and possibly eliminate the negative core-related symptoms you may be experiencing.

The Core Confidence program through targeted exercises taught me the ‘mind-body’ connection needed to rebuild myself internally … Krista brings with her not just her knowledge about the Core Confidence program but also her very broad experience in various fitness programs.
— Valerie Rodrigues - Port Moody, BC


The Core Confidence Assessment and Training Program consists of an initial 1.5 hour assessment, and 7 follow up appointments of 45 minute to one-hour each where we meet once per week to review your progress and incorporate additional exercises and techniques to continue improving your Core 4 muscle memory and function.

The initial meeting involves assessment of your core function and breathing, determining overworking muscles, learning core breath and proper pelvic floor activation, release work and one or two exercises. During our follow up appointments, we will assess your progress, and provide additional exercises.  Be prepared to spend 15 to 20 minutes a day working through the release work and exercises.

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While I've had my own experiences with core-related issues, it was in the early stages as a fitness professional I realized there was a need for women to learn more about their core health.  Leaking, aches and pains, pelvic pressure is not normal and there is hope and a solution.  You can find me on Facebook for Live Broadcasts discussing core related issues on a regular basis.  Click here and connect with me on Facebook today!