FAQ: The Bellies Inc. core confidence training program was originally created with the pregnant woman in mind.  If you are pregnant, or recently had a baby, don't wait!  Start rebuilding your core function and strength, and eliminate the effects of a mummy tummy, THE RIGHT WAY!

The AB System, by Bellies Inc.

The AB System was designed by the Bellies Inc. team as a holistic system to provide physical support for women's healing tissues immediately following the birth of their baby.

Purchase the system in pregnancy and begin the Core Confidence Exercise Program to PREPARE your body for birth.

After your baby, where the Ab Tank and Wrap daily for 8 weeks to allow your body to RECOVER from delivery.  It product is designed to support your outside and compliments the Core Confidence Exercise program which is designed to rebuild your core from the inside.

Start the Core Confidence Exercise Program again in the first week of postpartum to RESTORE your internal core system.

The AB Tank and Wrap assists in guiding your muscles back into ideal alignment, and makes your exercises more effective!

Prepare to Push eBook - by Kim Vopni

This book is designed to inform and empower women with an honest look at how pregnancy and birth change the body and how women can best support their body through these changes.  Written by Kim Vopni - The Fitness Doula, Prepare To Push™ highlights the need to prepare the body for birth and recover with core restoration.  As a mother of two, Kim used many of the techniques in the book to prepare for and recover from her own pregnancies and births.  It is a truly unique book that blends the fitness principle of specificity with the support aspect of a doula to provide women with information and body awareness that will help them achieve a more comfortable pregnancy, a fabulous birth and a body they feel confident in throughout motherhood.  Prepare To Push™ is a mind-body approach to pregnancy, birth and postpartum healing.  Women will learn about their bodies in a whole new light with information that is too often overlooked in typical prenatal education when it should be foundational knowledge even before conception. This book will ensure women are not left asking ‘why didn’t anyone tell me about this before?’

EPI-NO Libra

Struggling with incontinence in postpartum?  The EPI-NO Libra is the ideal partner for your pelvic floor exercise program, and is meant to be used in postpartum.  The biofeedback aspect of the EPI-NO Libra allows you to connect to your pelvic floor and really see that you're using the right muscles and that you're getting stronger. (For women who will not become pregnant in the future)