A dream body isn't for the lucky ones, it's for everyone!

If you want to stop obsessing about food, stop think you need to spend hours at a gym, or are frustrated you can't make sustainable healthy habits ... you've come to the right place!

Join the Dream Body Member club where you'll make a life-long transformation to your body and health, learn new habits to create a balanced way of eating, and become addicted to moving your body, so YOU CAN manifest your Dream Body.



Dream Body Members learn a sustainable, life-long way of eating and moving their bodies.  No more obsessing over food, thinking meal planning and prepping is the only answer, or feeling hours in the gym is needed to achieve a fitter body.


By making simple to implement changes to their daily habits, Dream Body Members are truly manifesting a healthy, strong body they never dreamed they could achieve or maintain.




Krista started her career in fitness in 2010 as a Zumba Instructor, and by 2012 she was running her own boutique group fitness studio.

Seeing a tremendous need to help women recover from pelvic floor dysfunction, she closed down her studio to focus one-on-one as a Pelvic Floor Movement Specialist.

As a Mom of 3, Krista has had her own share of battling body image, weight gain, and a general frustration with her body.

Prior to becoming a fitness coach, Krista went on her own fitness journey and figured out the formula to make sustainable, lasting changes to her body.

Over the past year, Krista went through a set back in her weight and slowly lost motivation to maintain a balance of exercise and healthy eating habits.

Not wanting to hit her original heaviest weight, Krista picked herself back up, re-visited her original fitness strategy, made some improvements and was able to lose 8% of her body weight in 6 weeks!

It's a combination of her success as a fitness coach, and high expectations of herself that she has put together her new DREAM BODY MEMBER program.




Dream Body Member club includes an interactive online community in a private Facebook Group


Dream Body Member Online Tools cover meal planning tricks, recipes, and delicious menus to round-out each week with balanced eating


Join me for live broadcasts, Monday to Friday!


Interact with me from my kitchen, as I show you how I simplify meal planning.


Watch how I, a busy mom of 3 with not the best culinary skills, can prepare quick, easy and delicious recipes


Find out the long list of foods, I like to call Green Light Foods,  you can enjoy without worrying about portion control


Follow along as I take you through regular time-sensitive workouts, and give you tips on how to have a successful, effective time at the gym


Dream Body Members are busy women, entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, stay at home moms, retired women all striving to find balance health, life-long transformation, and to move through life with ease, strength and confidence in their dream body


They say eating is 60-80% of the success of weight loss, but I disagree.  I believe it requires an equal balance of eating and exercise to make lasting changes.  However, it is 60-80% more challenging to create healthy eating habits.  As a Dream Body Member you will learn the techniques to make eating right less of an effort, and more of a way of life.


Time and not knowing what to do are two of the biggest roadblocks for women to achieve consistent exercise.  In the Dream Body Member program, I'm going to teach you the basics of strength training, give you time saving yet effective workouts, and help keep you accountable.  Soon you're body will start to crave the exercise, and you won't be able to go without it.


Life has a funny tendency to 'get in the way'.  But that is a choice.  It's hard to break habits, to stop prioritizing everything and everyone above yourself.  As a Dream Body Member you will have me to keep you on track and connect with like-minded individuals.  Dream Body Member's will work to keep each other positive, happy, healthy and strong.


"When you have a dream that you can't let go of, trust your instincts and pursue it. But remember: Real dreams take work. They take patience, and sometimes they require you to dig down very deep. Be sure you're willing to do that."

- Harvey MacKay

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