Bestselling eBook now available on Amazon!

I'm so excited to bring you my very first e-book, filled with all the foundational stuff I wish every women knew about her core!

Learn what makes up your core, how you core functions, the impact of core dysfunction on your body, the importance of building a mind-body connection to your core, and tools you can start using right now to build the foundation for a strong, health body!

This e-book has been a three-year work in progress as I draw upon my own experiences with core dysfunction, training with Bellies Inc. as a Core Confidence Trainer, and helping many women re-connect with their core.

I've written this for all women, at every stage of life.  Whether you've had a baby or not, or are years past postpartum, a disconnect to your core can lead to life-altering issues with your body.

Loving what I do can be summed up in the success of my clients, and here is what one of them recently posted on Facebook:

"Krista helped me regain my core strength after having Marlena.  I knew nothing about the value of my core muscles until I lost them after child birth ... ooh the things I wish someone ... anyone (dr, fitness instructors, friends) told me while I was pregnant.  Instead after my delivery I was told all my issues that came with child birth was 'to be expected' and I would have to live with it.  Thankfully I came across Bellies Inc. and Krista through my own research and search for solutions.  Weak core muscles can be restored with the right exercises and technique."

'Finding Your Core Strength, What every woman needs to know' is available on Amazon for only $3.99!