Are you experiencing leaking, or low back or hip pain?  Do you feel you have a weak or poochy stomach?  These are just some of the issues that are caused by something known as: core and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Many women have suffered in silence or tried to look for solutions, but felt discouraged by the options.  What you need to know is leaking, pain and weakness are common but they're NOT normal.

And guess what?  YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT!

I am now extremely conscious of how I am contracting my abs during my workouts, this has resulted in less strain on my back and visibly flatter stomach. I’m still working on it, but I have noticed a considerable difference in controlling leaking. I have also been a lot more conscious of my posture during long work days, which has resulted in feeling less tired and stressed. I would highly recommend this program not just for women but men too! Thanks Krista!
— Jessica W.

It’s time to TAKE BACK YOUR BODY.  To improve the function of your abs, core and pelvic floor. 


Finding Your Core Strength: Building Your Foundation.

The topic of peeing, weakness and pain is a sensitive one.  And yet it’s so common after having a baby, but can also creep up as you age.  It was THE hot topic of discussion in my fitness classes.  Many women mentioned they tried looking for answers, asked their doctor, or even considered surgery … but they still felt there was more to the story of what was going on with their bodies.

I knew this couldn’t be right.  How is it that so many of us are dealing with a body that isn’t functioning as it should, and seriously impacting our quality of life?

Having my own issues with abdominal separation, I decided to dig deeper into these common problems that were plaguing almost every woman I knew!  It was in 2013, I met Kim Vopni of Bellies Inc. and learned there really, truly was a solution!

With Kim’s guidance, I started working through a series of release and restorative exercises to prepare me for my umbilical hernia surgery.  Learning how our core functioned and ways in which to restore dysfunction was an integral part in helping me in recovery.  It also was the reassurance I needed that I now had the tools to ensure I wouldn’t be plagued with more dysfunctional issues down the road.  My person results were so encouraging, I knew I needed to learn more.

This led me to become certified with Bellies Inc. as a Core Trainer in 2014.  Bellies Inc. is founded by two experienced pre/postnatal fitness professionals and a pelvic floor physiotherapist.  I knew immediately in my training, I had the expertise to back my new outlook on how our bodies needed to be treated.  Now, as a Bellies Inc. Master Trainer, I have the opportunity to teach other fitness and movement specialists the value of proper core restoration and training.

I realized this restorative training worked well for me, but I’m a ‘I’ll believe it way I see it’ kind of person. It took me helping and seeing many clients achieve success with addressing a variety of dysfunctions to finally go – ok, YES, this really works!

Over the years, it has been rewarding to help women.  They're re-building a mind-body connection to core function in movement, and in this way, are able to address their common dysfunctional issues.

Over the past 3 years, the results have been outstanding!  Depending on the severity of core-related issues, in as little as 4 weeks women in the program have expressed how they can see a change in key symptoms they were experiencing.  They're excited about the knowledge they’ve gained, and have more awareness of their body in daily life and exercise that is allowing them to continue to improve their bodies beyond the program.

Who is Finding Your Core Strength: Building Your Foundation for?

FYCS: Building Your Foundation is a restorative program designed for all women at any stage of life.  It has helped postpartum bodies, whether it’s been 6 months or 18+ years after having your baby.  The program was created to help anyone who:

  • Is dealing with incontinence (leaking urine or stool)

  • Has pain or discomfort in their hips or low back

  • Wants to restore and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles

  • Wants to manage or reduce the onset of pelvic organ prolapse (bladder, uterus or rectum descending into the vagina)

  • Wants a stronger core and get rid of the belly bulge related to abdominal separation (aka diastasis recti)

  • Is contemplating or had surgery due to a pelvic floor dysfunction issue (e.g. bladder sling, diastasis recti surgery aka tummy tuck)

  • Suffering from pain from a herniated disc

  • Is looking for a program to restore the function of their body after having children

  • Wants to avoid pelvic floor dysfunction that can result with age as hormonal changes weaken the pelvic floor muscles

  • Wants get rid of their dysfunction once and for all and improve their quality of life!


Leaking, abdominal weakness and separation, pelvic floor dysfunction and pain are common, BUT NOT NORMAL!

Diastasis Rectus Abdominus 

Diastasis Rectus Abdominus 

Diastasis recti, aka abdominal separation, is a hot topic among women. What you need to know is the separation isn't always a concern.  In FYCS: Building Your Foundation you'll learn what a functional diastasis means and what you can do to reduce your separation and alleviate symptoms from a weak core.

1 in 4 women over the age of 35 are dealing with incontinence.  And it is the one of the issues women have been able to correct with FYCS: Building Your Foundation!

Leaking can be a sign of a more concerning issue called pelvic organ prolapse. This is where the bladder, uterus or rectum can descend out of the uterus. By learning to strengthen your core team in movement you will be able to manage, or even reverse a prolapse depending on it's severity.

Pain in the hips or low back are typically linked to a weak core team, and outer gluteus muscles.  In FYCS: Building Your Foundation you're going to learn exactly how your body needs to work in movement and rid yourself of a dysfunctional body once and for all!

FYCS: Building Your Foundation is the SOLUTION you've been looking for!

What's important to understand, is like everything in life, this is not a 'quick fix'.  You have to invest the time and put in the work.  It doesn't happen in a few short days or weeks - it takes time to retrain our muscles to work properly.  

BUT, anyone with the discipline to invest in themselves and follow the steps WILL achieve success.  The key is to qualify your goals.

"I want to no longer pee when I __________."

"I no longer want to be in pain."

"I want my body to function normally again."

"I don't want my stomach to still look like I'm pregnant."

Those are BIG, quality of life issues that need to be fixed.  And you’re worth fixing them for!

I needed Krista’s expertise and help 6 months after my hysterectomy surgery, as I was dealing with a prolapsed bladder. I may not have suffered the prolapsed bladder had I been more diligent about doing the post-op stretches and exercises she had shown me previously.

Working with Krista, using the FYCS: Building Your Foundation program, not only helped me through my rehabilitation but helped me to better understand the body I was now going to live with and work with to get back to my active life.

If you are a woman, who is experiencing any kind of bladder problems, or have the unfortunate experience of having a prolapsed bladder, I will ensure you the best way to achieve good health and to be able to be active and fit, you won’t be disappointed if you work with Krista.
— Tina D.

In FYCS: Building Your Foundation we break everything down.  I believe knowledge is power, and the more you know how your body works the better choices you will make.  Function, form, core activation, breath, and putting it all together in all kinds of movements takes time to learn.  But your body is amazing, and your muscles have the ability to memorize movement.  By investing the initial time in your muscles and your mind, the movements will become second nature.

Each lesson is time-released over 8 weeks and in a specific order, to ensure you build up the mind-body connection the right way. 

Throughout this program there is no question what you need to next, I’ve got you covered all the way! 

Your training includes in-depth videos tutorials, written content, printable material, and support along the way.

The information you'll learn is so valuable, and as our body changes over the years you will want to have this program handy!

The entire program is online and can be completed in the comfort of your own home, or in a place of your choosing.  While the content is time-released in a specific order, you have lifetime access.

To achieve the greatest success, working through this program as it's laid out in the 8-weeks is the best scenario. 

But, life can get in the way, and there will be times where you need to work at a pace that suits your needs and revisit lessons any time.

Get Support.png

I know you're reading this because you want to finally make a lasting change … you're fed up with leaking, weakness or pain.

The problem is you're not quite sure what's going to finally fix it, and with so much contradicting information out there you're not sure what's right for you.

In FYCS: Building Your Foundation, not only will you receive step-by-step training, but you'll also receive the tools, resources and support you need for success.

You'll have access to a community of women who are 'your tribe'.  They're going through similar experiences, sharing similar stories.  When we find our tribe, we find the support and encouragement to achieve success.  There's no fluff.  In my support group, we get straight to the answers!

My number 1 priority is to answer your questions, point you to the tools you need to reach your goals, and support you every step of the way.

Krista brings with her not just her knowledge about the FYCS: Building Your Foundation program but also her very broad experience in various fitness programs. She is focused on finding the right solution for your situation. She understands the therapy needed for a postpartum dysfunction and the journey back to restoration and fitness - a very valuable fit for postpartum recovery.
— Valerie R.

Don't continue another day with your discomforts, start making positive changes to your body and quality of life today!





In the Introduction section, I give you the lay of the land in the program.  I want you to achieve success, so there is a whole lesson on how to set yourself on the path to your goals.  It's in the Introduction where you gain access to my support network.


This is the intense learning portion of the program.  We start by going through what your true core team of muscles are, and what needs to be present in order for them to work together in an optimal way.  There are 9 Lessons that cover the following:

Lesson 1: Getting To Know Your Core 4 Team

There is a misconception of what makes up your core.  We often think of the rectus abdominis (6-pack) muscles as our core, but in fact they are only the superficial muscles.  Your core is made up of four key muscles, and we make sure you know what they are and how they should work in Lesson 1. 

Lesson 2: Understanding Core Dysfunctions

How the breakdown of the core team is related to incontinence, diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, low back and hip pain, and pelvic girdle pain.

Lesson 3: Why and Why You Should See a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

A PFPT specializes in the internal repair of the pelvic floor.  We discuss their role in your core restoration, and how you can find one.

Lesson 4: Self-Assessment of Core Related Issues

Are you a butt gripper or chest gripper?  Is there a separation in your abdominals, but more importantly can you generate tension in your abdominal connective tissue?  We go over how to assess your body so you know how to approach your release exercises.

Lesson 5: Release Exercises

These are an integral part of re-establishing a connection to your core team.  Other muscles begin to overcompensating when your core is dysfunctional.  We have to tell them to 'chill out', then we can laser focus on the core team.

Lesson 6: Achieving Correct Posture

Posture is important, and poor posture can lead to aches and pains.  But more importantly, your core team can't work when it is out of alignment.  Correcting posture requires us to continually keep it in our awareness, and we also need to train and strengthen the supportive muscles.  We go over ways to easily cue yourself into better posture.

Lesson 7: Learning Core Breath

This is the foundation of the program.  Your core team cannot work optimally without breath.  Posture and life affect how we breath.  Learning how to breath 'the right way' is the most important first step when applying core activation in movement.

Lesson 8: Learning Core Activation

Contracting your pelvic floor muscles is so much more than a 'kegel', and many women don't even know if they're doing it right.  We'll go over ways you can check your pelvic floor activation, and tools available if you need extra help.

Lesson 9: Assignment of the Week

You first week's assignment is getting through this educational material, and bringing your breath, posture and activation into your awareness.



Module 2 through 8 consists of three to four lessons that progressively move you through a series of exercises designed to reconnect you to your core team in movement.  The core team is SUPPOSE to work without us even knowing it, but we first have to bring it into our awareness and train it to work properly again before it can function in anticipation of our movements.

In Module 2 starts off with 'What to Expect in The Next 7 Modules'.  It's here that we lay out the plan for the remaining 7 weeks of work.

Each Module will consist of:

Lesson 1: Core Connection Exercise of the Week

This is the restorative movement that progresses over the program to train your core team to work in a variety of positions and movements.

Lesson 2: Core Strength Exercises of the Week

These progressive exercises teach you the right way to train your core, how to apply breath and activation in a variety of typically core exercises, and start building overall core strength in your body to support your postural adjustments and needs.  We highly recommend you use these moves in lieu of crunches or similar exercises to strengthen and tone your core.

Lesson 3: Assignment of the Week

Each week you will be given an assignment that requires your daily attention.  This includes putting together the release exercises, core connection exercises and core strength exercises.  While ideally you set aside about 30 minutes to complete the work, I know this is not always possible on a daily basis.  So I provide a 'what you can, when you can' option.

You’ll have instant access to:

  • Welcome and what to expect videos to fully understand how to work through the program

  • Educational based videos

  • Time-released movement tutorial videos for every core connection and core strength exercise

  • A library of 19+ release exercises to choose from, that are also useful for everyday life

  • Printable workout cheat sheet

  • Printable weekly program tracker

  • Community and support in the private Facebook group


This program was designed to be given attention on a daily basis over the course of 8 weeks.  However, I'm a realist and I know this isn't always possible.  I didn't want people to feel frustrated or unsuccessful if they didn't attack the program daily.  If you don't have a perfect week, you may want to stick to that module a little longer … and that's ok.

Of course, I don't want to see someone work on it for a couple of weeks and then stop for a month, and that's specifically why each assignment has an optional daily task, outlining what you should be doing each day at the very least.

You’re provided with ALL the tools you need to succeed!  With educational and weekly instructional videos, downloadable program sheets, a scheduler to keep you on track, and support from our community of women … it takes the guessing out of what you need to do to fix your dysfunction once and for all.

It’s all laid out as if I’m in your home or gym, walking you through it!

And, with lifetime access, you’ll get updates and bonus material whenever to research and valuable information is available!


After testing this program on my clients over the last three years, I found there was another important area that needed attention.  Strength training.  You may already be training on your own, or you have no idea where to start.

Incorporating strength training into your life has such a positive impact on your body, and this is why I wanted to include a BONUS of a lifetime access my 12-week FYCS: Building Your Strength program!  I want to make sure those in the exercise world are learning how to do many of the common movements the right way, and to provide those that aren't the tools to start making resistance exercises a part of their life.

Including weights into our exercise routine has many positive effects on our body, some include:

  • Supports your core team and posture
  • Reduce the onset of osteoporosis
  • Reduce pain resulting from weak muscles and lack of skeletal support
  • Prevent injury
  • Improve energy
  • Improve overall strength
  • Contribute to weight loss

What it includes ...


In here you'll get the 'lay of the land' for this online training program.  I'll give you success tips, and outline equipment you'll need (I'm of the minimalist mind frame).


This isn't your typically fitness assessment.  While I do look at cardio levels and strength, I'm also really interested in your stability!  As you build awareness of your core team, start connecting to it through the FYCS: Building Your Foundation exercises, you will start to see and feel improvements in your core stability.  And this is a BIG deal!  It's what will prevent injury, reduce pain, and increase strength of your stabilizing muscles to support your entire body.


Properly preparing your body for any type of exercise is important.  In Getting Warmed Up you'll learn how your Release Exercises play an important role here.


Each week a new workout is released.  In the first 8 weeks, the program is designed to complement the work you're doing in FYCS: Building Your Foundation, and I go through how you can put the two programs together for the most optimal success.

For the most ideal outcome, you will want to do these strength training workouts three times per week.  Again, I'm a realist, so I make these workouts achievable in under an hour.  They've been tested on my clients during their 1-hour training sessions, so I know it's do-able for anyone and everyone!

Each workout consists of:

Core Circuit

In the first 8-weeks, this portion of the workout compliments the Core Connection and Core Strength exercises you do in FYCS: Building Your Strength.  The final 4 workouts will progress your core strength even further and test your stability.

Strength and H.I.I.T. Circuits

Workout 1 consists of one Strength and H.I.I.T. circuit, while the proceeding 12 workouts will include two circuits.  The 'Strength' portion consists of three movements that cover lower and upper body exercises.  By the end of the 12 workouts you will have covered a number of the most common strength moves.

H.I.I.T. stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  Studies have shown when we combine quick, heart rate elevating moves into our strength exercises, it promotes an improvement in metabolism.  The H.I.I.T. moves provided in this program ensure you are not further aggravating your core-related issues.  Simple moves like a hop or jump can wreak havoc on incontinence, prolapse or pain.  So, we show you alternative low impact options, until your body is ready to move forward.  But don't be fooled, low impact doesn't mean low intensity!

I came to Krista on the advice of my surgeon to strengthen my core as much as possible to aid in recovery, I was facing surgery to correct a herniated disc in my lower back that had totally sidelined my life for 6+ months. Every week I could feel improvements in my flexibility, my ability to twist and reach, and my strength. Soon I was getting dressed, picking things off the floor, taking care of my kids and getting in and out of my car comfortably and without pain. Best of all, by week 3 / 4 I HAD NO PAIN! I had been in constant pain for almost 10 months at that point and it truly felt like a miracle.
— Elizabeth L.
The FYCS: Building Your Foundation program through targeted exercises taught me the ‘mind-body’ connection needed to rebuild myself internally. I am now done with my 8-week program and my pelvic floor therapist says I can progress to jumping lunges and thereafter to my much sought-after goal of running again. I truly believe I would not have made progress this quickly without Krista’s program and guidance.
— Valerie R.
The biggest change I have noticed is when I stand feet hip width apart I used to feel wobbly kind of like I had no core muscles at all.  Now I can stand strong and I really feel like my core is getting stronger.  The other thing is that I used to have pain inside my hip and with the help of pelvic floor physiotherapist and FYCS: Building Your Foundation I only have pain on the outside of the hip now so a BIG improvement.
— Julie B. (on Module 7)

FYCS: Building Your Foundation and FYCS: Building Your Strength are now available!


Krista is a mom of three, who's been working with women in the fitness industry for close to 7 years now.  Through her own journey and connection with her clients, she's been able to tap in to the needs of women in fitness, but more importantly in correcting many core-related issues.  As a Master Trainer with Bellies Inc., a company dedicated to teaching the importance of women's pelvic floor health and founded by a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and two seasoned Pre/Postnatal Fitness Experts, she's had the guidance and backing of professionals since January 2014 to bring her program to the forefront of women's health.

While Krista's work has been mainly one-on-one in nature, she's spent the better part of the last year creating her successful program in an online format.  Her goal was to ensure you get the same level of guidance as you would with her one-on-one. This was achieved by recording client sessions for reference, and ensuring no detail was missed in the layout and design of her online program.

With her online program now complete, she's focusing her time on managing her new 'virtual' clients, enjoying guest speaking spots on local radio stations, and working on a new podcoast to talk about all things related to women health and motherhood!

I look forward to getting to know your needs, and finding a solution to your core and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Let's meet in my online program today!