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Many women are eager to get back to daily life after having a baby, but are often surprised when they're sidelined by something unusual with their body.

Other women get way past the postpartum stage, only years later to have issues with the function of their body.

Can you relate to some of these symptoms my clients have experienced?

Leaking when you laugh, cough or sneeze

Pain in the low back or hips that just won't go away

Pressure and pain that you were shocked to find out was associated to a prolapse

Painful intercourse from a hypertonic pelvic floor

Your abdominals are separated and you were told it means you have diastasis recti

These symptoms are known as 'pelvic floor dysfunction'.

Many women feel overwhelmed with what to do or what not to do.  What help is available to them, and will they be able to fix their body.

There is an overwhelming growth in the number women becoming fearful of movement, worried about worsening their symptoms, and unsure what is safe for their body in exercise. However, we have to move in our daily lives.

Squats to pick up laundry.

Heavy lifts to carry a carseat or toddler.

Step ups climbing stairs.

Overhead press putting dishes in cupboards.

Crunches to get out of bed.

Lunges to walk.

By avoiding retraining our body to move with pelvic floor health in mind, we run the risk of progressively aggravating pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms.

The good news is, pelvic floor dysfunction is common but NOT normal.  And there are strategies to help you overcome them.

Whether you're an exercise enthusiast, or a yo-yo gym goer, your pelvic floor needs strength in movement.  A movement program aimed at retraining and rebuilding the function of your abs, core and pelvic floor is a valuable resource to regaining the function of your body.



Building Your Foundation

Building Your Strength

Individual Coaching with Krista



This digital program was designed to educate and assess your core function, release overworking muscles impacting your pelvic floor and core team, retrain the pelvic floor function in movement, and progressively strengthen your core and pelvic floor.

Over the course of the 12 weeks you will progress through movement practices following the 3-part system of release, retrain and rebuild.


This digital program was designed to accompany Building Your Foundation to strength supportive muscles of the entire body to create strength and stability.

Through progressive strength training movements that compliment the foundation work, the goal is to create full body strength through functional exercise to promote ease of movement in daily life.

12 week sessions start every Monday!









What To Expect

Building Your Foundation starts off your first week, where Module 1 consists of learning foundational information outlining your core team of muscles, conditions needed for them to work optimally in movement, assessing your core function, understanding and choosing release exercises, practicing posture for optimal core function, core breath and learning tricks for pelvic floor activation.

Building Your Strength starts in the second week.  Each workout compliments the current week's Module for Building Your Foundation.  In week two of Building Your Foundation, you will start to work on applying movement to core breath and activation.

As the week's continue, you can progress the movements based on your body's needs.  Depending on your pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms, and length of time you have been struggling with them, timelines can be individually based and some moves may need more work than others.

The educational component to this program provides you with strategies to understand your core and pelvic floor function in movement so you can adjust your training and movement patterns, dysfunction symptoms to be mindful of, and ability to modify and progress at your own pace.


How to get back to movement and exercise while protecting your body from further aggravating pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms

How to expand your pain and symptom free zone of movement

Understanding what makes up your true core

The importance of breath and posture to recruit your deep internal core muscles

Understanding functional versus non-functional diastasis recti and how to assess your body

Learning how to do a pelvic floor contraction in movement

The importance of a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist in your pelvic floor health

Understanding your 'gripper' type and the impact of overworking superficial muscles

Common pelvic floor dysfunctions, and tools to address them in movement and exercise

How to retrain your true core team to work synergistically and in anticipation of movement

Educational and detailed content to ensure you get the most out of your learning experience so you can make informed choices for your body

Options to accommodate your daily routine when time is limited

Provides you with knowledge on how to exercise that is not counterproductive to restoring core function and tools to help you be mindful of your dysfunction symptoms

Uses minimal equipment so you don’t need to investment loads of money in a gym membership or equipment

Starts you on a journey to safely and effectively building a strong, functional body


1 hour consultation and assessment video call with Krista after week 1 (full service coaching feature only)

2 x 30 minute follow up coaching calls at week 4 and week 8 of the program (full service coaching feature only)

A complete customizable program in the KD Fitness app based on your individual needs determined during the consultation and assessment call

Lifetime access to Finding Your Core Strength: Self Guided online course (includes Building Your Foundation and Building your Strength programs)

Building Your Foundation includes video tutorials on both education and movement practices to help understand the importance of pelvic floor function and full body functional strength

Building Your Strength includes full length exercise video tutorials to assist with ideal movement and alignment in basic strength training exercises

Access to the KD Fitness app for the duration of the program (total of 12 weeks from the start of the program)

KD Fitness app breaks down the daily movement practices and strength training into quick and easy to follow video workouts

KD Fitness app encourages accountability as daily movement and strength work is tracked and monitored by Krista

KD Fitness app allows for some customizable movement practices based on your intake assessment

Instant messaging access direct to Krista through the KD Fitness app during the 12 weeks

8 pelvic floor and core connection routines that form your daily assignment for retraining

8 strength and conditioning workouts focusing on pelvic floor, core and full body function

An extensive library of release exercises to relax the overworking muscles

Recommended warm up prior to exercise, both cardio based and strength training

3 weeks of additional time in the app to review content and allow for time to progress through all the movements

Lifetime access to the private Facebook community



Stability Ball


Band (light to medium tension)


Pilates Ball

Access to a stair or step

An extensive library of release exercises to relax the overworking muscles


It is highly recommended you get an assessment from a pelvic floor physiotherapist to ensure there are no asymptomatic issues, and assess the function of your pelvic floor through an internal exam.

If you are in the first 8 weeks postpartum it is highly recommended using The Ab System by Bellies Inc. for initial post-delivery recovery.

Make sure you are cleared by a doctor to commence physical activity.



Krista Dennett is owner of KD Fitness.  Since 2014 she's specialized in training women navigating core and pelvic floor dysfunction, and through Bellies Inc. Core Confidence certification educates fitness and movement professionals strategies to consideration to help women work their body in ways that can help prevent and heal common core challenges like incontinence, prolapse and diastasis recti.

Krista has successfully helped countless women over the years move passed the struggles they faced in movement and daily life, teaching them how to create a functionally strong new body, while overcoming dysfunction.

Over the past 8 years, Krista has continued to advance her education in fitness from group to personal training, CrossFit Level 1, TRX training, and dnaPower partner.

Krista's highly successful program Finding Your Core Strength is now available online in a digital format or full service coaching option.

She lives in the greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada with her 2 daughters, son, and springer spaniel.

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