The Pelvic Floor Bootcamp

Your two-week crash course on strategies to make informed choices and heal your pelvic floor dysfunctions.

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Incontinence, back and hip pain, pelvic organ prolapse and diastasis recti (abdominal separation) are common issues experienced by countless women, and yet there is still little knowledge being offered to us on prevention or healing from these life-altering issues.

This two-week pelvic floor bootcamp is an introductory program where knowledge is going to be the forefront so you can make informed choices on the path you should take that works for you and your body.


What we'll cover:

Your core team of muscles, and external supportive muscle groups
Cause and prevention of common pelvic floor dysfunctions
The value of release exercises and identifying the ideal ones for your body's needs
Strategies to help you connect to your pelvic floor muscles with breath and movement
Outline a path to take to heal from pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms that is right for your body and your symptoms


Your learning tools:

Access to the KD Fitness app for iOS and Android during the two week bootcamp
The KD Fitness app includes short videos of the movements practices, tracking for accountability as I monitor your daily assignment, and instant messaging direct to me
Online access to the Pelvic Floor Bootcamp mini course, complete with downloadable tools and information for lifetime use
Lifetime access to the Finding Your Core Strength private Facebook group for live and pre-recorded video tutorials, and two Q&A sessions over the two week bootcamp period


Equipment Needed:

Computer, iPhone, iPad or Android to access the online information and KD Fitness app
Small ball (tennis ball size)
Belt or yoga strap

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