Fitness Training

How can I ever thank Krista for all that she has brought to my life?   

Her Core Confidence Program was recommended to me during my last pregnancy.  I was at a point that I was told to stop exercising for further risking pelvic floor damage.  I was devastated.  I had come from a space where working hard, pushing myself to the point of exhaustion was the only way I was going to stay fit.  Oh, I was so mis-informed.

I restarted the Confidence Program the day after my baby was born.  And by the time she was 3 months old I was itching to start moving my body more efficiently.  Krista had me do a fitness assessment and she started me off slow.  Every week was progressively more challenging, but when she came to my door each week,  she knew where I was mentally.   Some days I had 4 hours sleep during the night, some days I had a crying baby for the hour she was here, some days I had tonnes of energy and was raring to go.  She has a plan for me, but with her quick thinking she can change my program depending on my physical ability and mindset.

Gradually things have started to change for me.  I wanted to lose the baby weight, I wanted to gain more muscle and build my cardio, but what I have received is so much more!  Small things, that may not seem big to some, are life changing for me.  I can stand up straight!  I can run with proper form! I can buy pants in a size that I haven’t before!  All this has never happened before in my adult life. 

Krista is so much more than a Fitness Trainer.  She has taught me to talk positively to myself. To claim that when it comes to exercise ‘something is better than nothing’ And her compassion for my daily life with 4 kids stays with me from week to week so that I make great healthy choices.   All her instruction, caring and knowledge has resulted in a body and mind that I am so proud of!

Thank you so much Krista!

Michelle Tyliakos - Port Moody, BC

Core Confidence Program

I began seeing Krista when I was 8 months postpartum and suffering from a pelvic floor dysfunction.  While I had been seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist prior to working with Krista, I was struggling with making the ‘mind-body' connection needed to take my kegel exercises to the next level and make my body fit again.  After 4 months of therapy, I was able to do a kegel but had not progressed much further with my core restoration and was unable to participate in most fitness programs.  At this point, I had heard a lot of the "don't do this exercise" or "you are trying too hard", and I didn't know what I "could" do.  I had lost my confidence in ever being able to recover completely. 

Krista was referred to me by a Mom on the Tri-Cities Mom's Fitness Group on Facebook in response to my cry for help.  I was so thankful when I met Krista and she told me that she had a solution for me!  Krista's experience as a fitness instructor and a Mom, who had restored her own core through three pregnancies, connected with me.  She outlined a step-by-step 8 week program that enabled me to relax my over-acting obliques and focus on properly engaging my pelvic floor muscles. 

With Krista's guidance and reassurance, I was able to relax my mind and trust in the program.  I continued to work with my pelvic floor physiotherapist for internal assessments and re-adjustments.  I saw these two people as working hand-in-hand and complementary to each other. The therapist was able to access my progress from within and outline what I needed to do to progress, and Krista was able to help me make that progress with proper techniques.  Proof of my progress came very quickly, when I went on a hike half-way through my Core Confidence program.  I had done this same hike a month before working with Krista and could feel the strain on my weak pelvic floor muscles during my descent down the mountain.  This time, I felt normal, there was no strain on muscles and I was so relieved (read ecstatic!). 

The Core Confidence program through targeted exercises taught me the 'mind-body' connection needed to rebuild myself internally.  I am now done with my 8-week program and my pelvic floor therapist says I can progress to jumping lunges and thereafter to my much sought-after goal of running again.  I truly believe I would not have made progress this quickly without Krista's guidance. 

Krista brings with her not just her knowledge about the Core Confidence program but also her very broad experience in various fitness programs. She is focused on finding the right solution for your situation.  She understands the therapy needed for a postpartum dysfunction and the journey back to restoration and fitness - a very valuable fit for postpartum recovery. 

Through my journey, I have decided to become an advocate for postpartum women's health - women are unaware that recovery from pelvic dysfunction is possible and we do not have to rely on incontinence products to meet our fitness goals.  I now share my story openly and bust myths about what is 'normal' after having a baby.  I highly recommend Krista to help you restore your body with proper techniques and achieve your goals.  You are in good hands with Krista!

Valerie Rodrigues - Port Moody, BC

One-on-One Training

I had never worked with a trainer before Krista and I had actually always been a little intimidated by working out in the gym. I didn't know much about weights or proper form, etc., so I pretty much stuck to running and yoga. 

I asked Krista to train me after a race-related injury kept me from running for several months. Krista is a friend and I've heard her say that running without cross-training is a bad idea. I decided it was a good time to try strength training - both to keep busy while I couldn't run, and to hopefully prevent future injuries once I started running again. I chose Krista because she's not only a very knowledgeable and capable trainer; she's also a really great person. She listens and she does her research, so I knew I'd be in good hands and that I wouldn't risk further injuring myself. She's also in amazing shape herself, so she's a great role model and an example of what you can achieve - even as a busy mum of young kids.

My favourite part of training with Krista is that she really motivates you to do your best, while also stressing that it's important to listen to your body and take it easy when necessary.  She knows when to push you and when to encourage you not to push so hard. She also prepared great take-home workouts to keep me at it during the rest of the week - and this was all stuff I could do at home, which made working out regularly very achievable for me.

Since I started training with Krista I am noticeably stronger and more muscular and I just feel better.  I'm back to running and so far I haven't had any injuries or problems. I also feel more confident in what I can take on because I'm stronger. I don't feel like I'm going to put my back out lifting something or strain a muscle because the associated muscles are too weak to support my activity level. While I know I'm getting older, I feel like the attention to all-over strengthening is going to ensure I don't succumb to preventable injuries and the kinds of issues that can ultimately lead to an inactive lifestyle.

To anyone who is looking for a trainer, I highly recommend Krista. Not only does she absolutely know what she's doing, but her approach is non-judgemental and personalized. Her workouts make you feel better physically and mentally; and she takes the time to educate you so you know why it is you're doing certain exercises and what the outcomes will be. It's a holistic approach and one that has worked really well for me.

Errin Morrison - Port Moody, BC

Core Confidence Program

Initially, I began to see Krista as I was experiencing a great deal of pain and discomfort waiting for my hysterectomy surgery.  She was able to give me very light exercises and stretches that would help alleviate this pain and discomfort.  I needed Krista's expertise and help once again, 6 months after my surgery, as I was dealing with a prolapsed bladder.  I may not have suffered the prolapsed bladder had I been more diligent about doing the post-op stretches and exercises she had shown me.

Working with Krista, using the Core Confidence program, not only helped me through my rehabilitation but helped me to better understand the body I was now going to live with and work with to get back to my active life.

Through many discussions with Krista, it was optimal to work with a trainer experienced in core rehabilitation and a skilled pelvic floor physiotherapist, to not only get better but have the opportunity to be working out and exercising again.  Krista was a great guide working with what my physiotherapist was instructing me to do to deal with the bladder problem, combined with the training that helped me not only heal faster but turn around the way I was going to live my life to be a able to be active and exercise regularly.

Krista is a patient, knowledgeable trainer who also understands what it is like to be a busy, working, mother trying to balance one's life. Her guidance and patience are evident in her training sessions as well as her instructional guidelines to do the daily exercises at home.  She paces you according to where you are at, not where the instructor wants you to be.  Krista also sets you up with a program that is easy to follow at home, allowing you to refer back to the exercises she has taught you, helping you to be an integral player in your rehabilitation and in your training.

After going through this experience, I will confidently say that the best chances of recovering from any kind of bladder problems is to work with a skilled pelvic floor therapist in combination with a knowledgeable, skilled, patient trainer.  It does not hinder the process that Krista also has a great sense of humour!

I highly recommend Krista as your trainer to help you not only get your body back, but to better understand how your body works and how to work with that body to live an active life.  If you are a woman, who is experiencing any kind of bladder problems, or have the unfortunate experience of having a prolapsed bladder, I will ensure you the best way to achieve good health and to be able to be active and fit, you won't be disappointed if you work with Krista.

Tina D'Amelio - Port Moody, BC