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Which Pelvic Floor Exercise Rehabilitation Program Is Right For You?

Symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction can include low back pain, incontinence, prolapse, diastasis recti, or hypertonicity to name a few.

One exercise rehabilitation program cannot effectively address all of these symptoms.  Movement considerations will vary, and priorities in which exercises to do depends directly on the symptoms.

Through successful exercise rehabilitation treatment as a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Support Worker, and Pelvic Floor Exercise Specialist since 2014, from my experience healing women from symptoms of pelvic dysfunction I've structure my online programs into four categories.

Which pelvic floor exercise rehabilitation program is right for you?  It depends on your symptoms.

The follow four programs have been designed under the guidance of pelvic floor physiotherapy and proven effective to help women heal from pain, stop leaking, manage or reverse prolapse, eliminate pelvic pain and muscle spasms, address their poochy-looking belly created a diastasis, and creating a functional strong core.

These exercise rehabilitation programs are designed for the first 6 weeks, typically the time between two pelvic floor physiotherapy appointments.

If you've seen a pelvic floor physiotherapy (PFPT) and know your 'diagnoses' you should be able to identify which program is right for you.

If you haven't seen a PFPT, read through the description of symptoms and which resonate with what you're feeling.


Pelvic Floor Exercise Rehabilitation for General Pelvic Floor Weakness, Leaking, or Low Back & Hip Pain

Symptoms include stress urinary incontinence, that is, leaking when you cough, sneeze, jump, run or just can't make it to the bathroom in time with a full bladder.

You may also experience low back or hip pain, or some pelvic floor associated to the SI joint or pubic joint.

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Pelvic Floor Exercise Rehabilitation for Diastasis

Do you have a poochy looking tummy that just won't go away no matter what you do?  Chances are the separation of your abdominals needs some work to heal.

Diastasis can also be a source of low back or hip pain and incontinence.  On-going weakness of the pelvic floor can then lead to other symptoms including pelvic organ prolapse.

Exercise and movements selected will be modified to address the diastasis as we work to improve pelvic floor strength and function.

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Pelvic Floor Exercise Rehabilitation for Prolapse

Cystocele, rectocele, uterine prolapse, vaginal vault prolapse.  Early stage, grade 1, 2, 3, 4.  What does this all mean for you in your every life of ease of movement?

I prolapse can be mentality debilitating, painful, and impact or joy of movement.  While surgery or the use of support like a pessary is helpful, it does not discount the need to ensure adequate pelvic floor function.

Approaches to exercise rehabilitation change when prolapse is involved, with the end goal to either support the prolapse at its current grade or in some cases reverse it partially or fully.  This initial 6-week exercise rehabilitation program address the prolapse first, while working through retraining your pelvic floor function.

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Pelvic Floor Exercise Rehabilitation for Hypertonicity and Pelvic Pain

Painful intercourse, muscle spasms known as vaginismus, chronic pain with endometriosis or vulvodynia, play a role in the approach taken when prescribing movement for exercise rehabilitation.

Learn how to relax muscles and use breathing techniques as a tool to manage pain are step one.  We can fire an over-firing muscle.  Different steps are taking when helping healing from symptoms of hypertonicity and pain.

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The Pelvic Floor Timeline

Understand the evolution of the pelvic floor in relation to quality of life from pre-pregnancy and postpartum to menopause and beyond.


Release Exercises

Learn about this secret weapon to helping address pelvic floor dysfunction that forms part of the Finding Your Core Strength online program.


"As a woman who has struggled with leakage (had a vaginal sling done in 2011), I am very aware of how much child birth can affect our posture, core, and so many other areas of life. When I first started Krista's program, I was noticing a tightness in my back during yoga-like stretches. After just a few days of simple work on my posture alone, this soreness completely disappeared. I have also noticed that my core is constantly engaged whatever I am doing. Thank you Krista for sharing your passion with the rest of us and teaching us that "Depends" is NOT the answer to our very common, yet non-discussed problems!"

Tamara F.
School Teacher & Fitness Professional

"The FYCS: Building Your Foundation program through targeted exercises taught me the 'mind-body' connection needed to rebuild myself internally. I am now done with my 8-week program and my pelvic floor therapist says I can progress to jumping lunges and thereafter to my much sought-after goal of running again. I truly believe I would not have made progressed this quickly without Krista's guidance. "

Valerie R.
Mom of 2, Marketing Professional

"I highly recommend Krista to help you not only get your body back, but to better understand how your body works and how to work with that body to live an active life. If you are a woman, who is experiencing any kind of bladder problems, or have the unfortunate experience of having a prolapsed bladder, I will ensure you the best way to achieve good health and to be able to be active and fit, you won't be disappointed if you work with Krista."

Tina D.

"I'm now extremely conscious of how I'm contracting my abs during my work outs, this has resulted in less strain on my back and a visibly flatter stomach. I have also been a lot more conscious of my posture during long work days, which has resulted in feeling less tired and stressed. I would highly recommend this program!"

Jessica W.
Marketing Professional

"I came to Krista on the advice of my surgeon to strengthen my core as much as possible to aid in recovery, I was facing surgery to correct a herniated disc in my lower back that had totally sidelined my life for 6 plus months.  I was impressed with Krista for her expertise in core function and rehabilitation and her thoughtful, tailored 8 week plan of gentle and effective movement, to relax, reset and gain strength in my core. Every week was totally tailored to my body and my own needs and progress. Krista was constantly adapting and modifying to help my body get the most from the movements.  Every week I could feel improvements in my flexibility, my ability to twist and reach and my strength. Soon I was getting dressed, picking things off the floor, taking care of my kids and getting in and out of my car comfortably and without pain. Best of all, by week 4 I HAD NO PAIN! I had been in constant pain for almost 10 months at that point and it truly felt like a miracle."

Elizabeth L.
Mom of 3

"I did the first online program you had and loved it and it made a huge difference with my pelvic issues. Since then I was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer with metasis to the abdomen back in October 2017 since then I have been thru 1 surgery ... went straight to chemo, 4 rounds then another surgery ... very successful this time and now for two more rounds of chemo. Been a crazy 7 months. I just wanted to tell you that now of course everything in the pelvic area is weak and will now have to rebuild as soon as I can get the go ahead from the doctors. But having already done your online training I have confidence that it will work again. So keep doing what you are doing and I can't wait till I can get back to it!"

Julie B.


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