Suffering with back pain. Embarrassed by leaking.  Frustrated with a weak core.  Trying to cope with a cystocele.

It doesn't have to be this way.  You're not alone.  The process of healing these life-altering issues are available right here.

Let me guess.  You're here because you're experiencing one or more of the following ...

Back or hip pain, you know the kind that takes your breath away when getting in and out of bed or creates a struggle in daily movement that actually, physically, makes you feel older than you are.

Leaking pee, or even poop, when you suddenly cough or sneeze.

Discovering you have a prolapse of the bladder, rectum, uterus or vaginal fault and feel your quality of life is forever changed.

Frustrated by your weak abdominals, and disappointed in the way your midsection looks and feels. 

The subject of peeing, weakness and pain is a sensitive one, and it became THE hot topic of discussion at my women's only fitness studio.

You could be a stay at home Mom, a professional or retired.  A woman at any of the multiple stages of life from pre or postpartum to post menopause.

Either way you all of something in common.  You're feeling frustrated, hopeless, a loss of control of your body, maybe even angry.

You've been searching for answers.

You've tried things to fix the problem.

But nothing is working.


You're beginning to wonder ~ 'Is this it?  Is this how I have to live out the rest of my life?'


I'm here to tell you, IT'S NOT.

I'm Krista Dennett, Pelvic Floor Movement Specialist, and author of the bestselling Amazon eBook ~ 'Finding Your Core Strength, What Every Woman Needs to Know'

I've spent almost a decade helping women overcome what has become an epidemic of pelvic floor dysfunction causing life-altering embarrassment, discomfort and pain.

I have the solutions for the problems you're experiencing.

But it's not for everyone.

It's for those ready to commit and invest in themselves and achieve a life-long transformation.

Who can stick to a plan.

The plan requires you to be disciplined to your transformation.

To commit to simple daily movement practices.

How do I know this?

Because I've experienced my own long list of dysfunctions too.

What I know for sure is you will no longer have to endure embarrassment, pain or disappointment in your body.

And, I'm living proof.

The Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions I've Had To Overcome

Before my first child in 2004, my body looked and felt great!

I had a flat stomach, I ran regularly, and I loved hitting the gym.

Then, three pregnancies later it all went south...

Here’s the list of my pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) symptoms:

Internal and external scar tissue from a c-section with my first child

An umbilical hernia after my second (visible in image 3 above)

Diastasis recti caused by the hernia (visible in image 3 above)

Scar tissue on my perineum from the episiotomy with my second delivery

Internal adhesions on my pelvic floor from delivering my second and third child naturally

Early stage prolapse bladder

The sensation I was going to leak urine or poop myself if I jumped too much

Constant low back pain

Hip pain

Like many women, I spent a long time looking for answers and trying to fix the problem with no success.  And, as the months and years went by, my symptoms only got worse.

I tried quick fixes.

I made uninformed choices to fix the problem, which created new problems.

Even after becoming a fitness coach in my mid-30s, and getting in the best shape of my life, the pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms DID NOT GO AWAY!

After years of frustration and feeling hopeless, I FINALLY discovered THE METHOD to address my pelvic floor dysfunctions once and for all.

Using my training and experience as a Pelvic Floor Movement Specialist, I created a holistic exercise program that has helped me and countless women alleviate and eliminate their pelvic floor dysfunctions, AND create a life-long transformation with the relationship they have with their bodies. 

Introducing ...

Finding Your Core Strength is a holistic exercise program designed for all women at any stage of life.  From pre or postpartum, six months or 16 plus years after having your baby.

It is for those dealing with incontinence who want to eliminate this embarrassing occurrence.

Who have pain or discomfort in their hips or low back, and often struggle in daily movement.

Who are concerned about the pressure they're feeling on their pelvic floor from a descending bladder, rectum or uterus, and want to know the life-long repercussions.

Who want to rid themselves of the bloated belly look, and no longer be disappointed in the way it looks and feels.

Who just want to stop the daily obsessions of worrying about their body.

You have a choice, what will it be?

If you refuse to be in this state any longer, let me help you, enrol in my highly successful, holistic, full service restorative and strength program now.

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