Low Back and Hip Pain

Low back pain was one of the first pelvic floor dysfunction symptom I had postpartum. It lasted much longer than your typical recovery period.  In the mornings, as I got out of bed, the pain took my breath away. I was 30. Too young to feel this way.

The pain continued beyond pregnancy two and three, and eventually crept into my hips too. I couldn’t understand why this was happening especially since I had shed all the baby weight, and much more, and was in prime physical shape.

I looked to professional help with registered massage therapists and chiropractors.  It helped alleviate the pain, but only temporarily.

It wasn’t until I learned my core team wasn’t functioning optimally and needed to be rehabilitated, that I became pain free in my back and hips.

The core team is made up of 4 muscle groups (see image below), who work together as a team and anticipate your movement. They are the stabilization center of the body. Many factors can hinder them from functioning optimally, and when that happens other muscles take over their job.  That’s not a good thing, and that’s what leads to pain.

Two important factors made all the difference in the restoration of my core.  First, I learned how to retrain my core team properly through targeted exercise and movement.  And second, I saw a pelvic floor physiotherapist who helped relieve the internal scar tissue on my pelvic floor and alleviate my overworked, extremely tight internal hip muscle called the obterator internis.

Now it was time for me to stop the pain in other women!  As a Pelvic Floor Movement Specialist I’ve worked with countless women over the past 4 years addressing a variety of pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms.

My highly successful program, Finding Your Core Strength: Building Your Foundation has made the difference in my life and that of many other women.

If you’re looking for help, I have the solution!  If you haven't done so already, start by taking my FREE Pelvic Floor and Core Assessment Questionnaire.  This is the first tool I use with my clients in setting the path to healing.

Back and hip pain are a common pelvic floor dysfunction symptom, but it's NOT normal.  The good news is, we don't have to live with it!


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