Total body, sweat-inducing workouts to strengthen and tone your body with pelvic floor considerations in movement and exercise.

If you're looking for the 'next step' to safely train your body after your in-person pelvic floor exercise rehabilitation or online version with 'Think Beyond The Kegel' ... look no further!

Pelvic Floor Fit Club will train you safely and effectively!

Once you've completed Think Beyond The Kegel, or acquired the skills taught in your pelvic floor exercise rehabilitation, you're ready to jump into this more challenging general strength training program!

  • Pelvic floor maintenance considerations for your day to day life
  • Daily release exercise routines to address imbalances and overworking muscles to reduce future onset of dysfunction
  • Exercise routines designed with pelvic floor considerations in mind to continually progress the strength and function of your body in a safe and effective manner
  • A choice of 30 to 45 minute total body workouts
  • An average of 12 new workouts per month
  • Guidance and accountability to create a weekly exercise routine
  • A mix of general strength, metabolic conditioning, and core exercises
  • Empowerment to learn an effective weekly balance of strength, cardio and flexibility to carry you through life
  • Workout anywhere with minimal equipment and body-weight only options
  • Tips for rest days and integrating cardio exercise, including a progressing learn to or return to running program
  • All workouts and individual exercises are in video format for ease of learning and cueing for form and pelvic floor considerations
  • Additional instructional videos where added learning needed
  • Suggested general diet considerations
  • Instant messaging to Krista for answers to your questions


$35 CAD/month

US & International Credit Cards Accepted

Total Price $35

Billed Monthly



$28 CAD/month

US & International Credit Cards Accepted

Total Price $84

Billed Every 3-Months



$20 CAD/month

US & International Credit Cards Accepted

Total Price $120

Billed Every 6-Months